‘High-Value Eating’ Will Make You Love Your Diet Again

WHEN IT comes to food and eating, it’s easy to get distracted by what our diet can do for us physically. We’re so used to focusing on macros, calories, grams, and pounds, that we forget about the emotional side of eating. We’ve been trained to think of‘emotional eating’ as something negative, when it isn’t necessarily […]

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This Easy 5-Day Diet Can Help You Lose 25 Pounds a Month

Between preparing healthy lunches, carefully measuring portions and tracking every calorie, being on a diet can just seem like too much work. Does it have to be so hard? Turns out the answer is no! Breakthrough research proves that dieting for just five days — and forgetting about it for the rest of the month […]

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TikTok partners with Whisk to pilot a recipe-saving feature on food videos

TikTok is expanding its integrations with third-party services, with the launch of a test that allows creators in the food space to link directly to recipes found on the Whisk app. This is being made possible by way of a new “recipe” button overlaid on related TikTok food videos. The feature makes a TikTok cooking […]

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20-year-old baker uses family paczki recipe for Fat Tuesday treats

The fried cream- or jelly-filled pastries were a staple of Fat Tuesday in her Polish household, just like the “cringey” Polka music her dad likes to play. She remembers waking up early to cut the paczki dough and prep it for rising with her father and late grandfather, so It only makes sense that her […]

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